Indian Language Technology Workshop 2017 & The Panini Award 2015

The SCCI Indian Language Technology Workshop 2017 [#ILTW2017] is being organized to bring together India's leading language technology researchers and policy makers to discuss and identify a way forward for creating Indian Language Technology Standards.

SCCI has been presenting The Panini Award since 2014. For The Panini Award 2015 - The Awards Commitee of Super Computing Consortium of India has selected the TDIL (Technology Development for Indian Languages) group at the Department of Electronics and Information Technolgy (DeitY) and its founding leader Dr Om Vikas for creating and sustaining a small yet significant effort to build a community of Indian language technology researchers.

ILTW2017 includes a session to felicitate Dr Om Vikas and TDIL group represented by Dr Swaran Lata with a citation of the The Panini Award 2015 followed by acceptance speech. Here is an opportunity to witness the citation; listen to and benefit from the wisdom and experience of The Panini Award 2015 recipients.